The highlight of every school trip

4kids4teachers 1The museum visit is enriched by the museum rally (for different age groups). The school group receives introductory words about the museum and the explanation of the museum rally. Then, during the museum visit, the students will be able to solve the individual tasks of the various stations with great fun.

The rally is only available in German language. Therefore you can find further information only in german:

Museums-Rallye 1. und 2. Schulstufe

Museums-Rallye 3.und 4. Schulstufe

Museums-Rallye ab 5. Schulstufe

4kids4teachers 2In the Edelserpentin-Workshop students learn how to work with Edelserpentin. A raw stone is worked with the help of a specialist until the shining gemstone. In doing so, the children can let their creativity run free and create very personal unique pieces.

School groups are allowed to take a snack in the cozy museum and sculpture garden or indoors.

Further interesting information as PDF for download (only in german):


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