Fossil gold

Fascination of amber

Fossiles Gold 1Amber is a fossil resin, which originates from tertiary pines and spruces. Insects, plant remains and air blisters were included and preserved in the fresh, sticky resin. The forests were flooded by sea water about 40 million years ago. Amber is found in the so called „Blue soil“, which reaches further down in the Baltic-sea. This exhibition is devoted to the 40 million years of Baltic amber history.

Fossiles Gold 2Amber was already used to produce valuable jewelry in the early Stone Age and Bronze Age. It was used to heal a variety of diseases in the Middle Age, because it was said, that amber has many different mysterious forces. Today it is known, as one of the most powerful and multifunctional healing stones.

Active trading happened on the amber roads and the name of village Bernstein is probably derived from that.

This exhibition shows the 40 million years history of Baltic amber:

  • Evolution and extraction of amber
  • Trading on the amber-road
  • Antique pieces of jewelry and ornamental objects
  • Mysticism and healing power
  • Inclusions
  • Reconnoitring about fake and imitations of amber

A movie complements the exhibtion.