Arts and crafts from Edelserpentin from the past century

Edelserpentin 1The first person to work with Edelserpentin was the expert turner Josef Höfer in 1860,
who was a direct ancestor from the Potsch family. The original turning lathe and workshop shows, how hard this work have been.

The highlight of this collection is a mosaic vase composed of more than 500 differently translucent pieces of Edelserpentin. This vase was awarded gold at the World Exposition in Brussels in 1958.

Sammlung 2You will see unique Edelserpentin-exhibits from different Edelserpentin-grinderies
from the town Bernstein.

The rocks can be found in light to dark-green shades and even nowadays they are still processed on the turning lathe. The creations of Otto Potsch and his descendants Andreas and Niko make the collection complete.