Kristalle im Rampenlicht

Bernsteiner Felsenmuseum


Join the wonderful in-ground world of mining and experience the fascination of Edelserpentin and amber. Come in and visit our museum.
In the Felsenmuseum you can see unique exhibits and rarities on more than 1000 m² exhibition area.


k_start-schaubergwerkThe mine
Glass cases, which are built into the rock, present you rare minerals and precious stones from Austrian mountains. A historical cross-section provides information of mining from the village of Bernstein and its surroundings. …more


You will see unique Edelserpentin-exhibits from local Edelserpentin-grinderies, also the great mosaic-vase, which was awarded gold at the World-Exposition in 1958. …more


k_start-otto-potsch-lebenswerk-1Lifework of Otto Potsch
This unique exhibition shows the most valuable Edelserpentin-sculptures from the sculptor Otto Potsch. He is the founder from the Felsenmuseum. …more


Fossiles GoldFossil Gold – Fascination of Amber
This exhibition shows the evolution and extraction of amber, the trading on the amber-road, also antique pieces of jewelry and ornamental objects. …more